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Packing your reputation

In this rapidly changing marketplace our core ethos has always remained the same - we share our vast knowledge and experience with our clients so that together we can create the opportunity for great success.

We’ve become first class in this industry though working with clients like you – we assume responsibility for the job at hand, we get under the skin of your business and then we apply our knowledge and expertise.

Why choose aps?

Ask this question to anyone who’s worked with us and they will undoubtedly comment on our ability to deliver high and low volume, with incredible flexibility and rapid responsiveness. Our reputation goes before us.

Record-breaking Year - we assembled and delivered six million gifts in a four month window without a Quality Assurance incident...

We’ve been delivering at the top end of this industry for almost 30 years, with a combined senior management experience of more than 130 years. We know it is our ability to deliver deadline-driven, quality packaging solutions to complex and often logistically challenging projects that sets us apart.

As a company that’s been successfully based in the North of England since its formation, geography doesn’t scare us - we have vast experience in setting up multiple packing operations and satellite sites throughout the UK.

And happily, we’re often told we’re a pretty good bunch to work with too, the importance of which we never underestimate It’s why our customers keep coming back to us year after year.

Quality Assurance Accreditations

aps attaches a lot of importance to quality and we have a full-time Quality Assurance manager. Susan’s presence in the team ensures that aps provides clients with one of its most important offerings – dedicated quality management.

Meet Susan and the rest of the team

When taking on extra temporary staff to meet the requirements of a contract, aps HR refers to a pool of operators - all of whom we have worked with and nurtured over many years. We find this preferable to relying on agency resources as it allows us to maintain and provide continuity with the aps standard of service - even on a temporary basis.

MHRA - accredited

BCMPA - accredited

aps are proud to be Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency accredited

aps recently achieved a 100% rating on all three performance criteria for 2011 for a global ethically aware organisation.