Full Service

Our experience and the comprehensive supply network that we’ve built up over 35 years servicing scores of sectors, allows us to provide a full service on demand.

From design, through procurement to packing and distribution, we support customers through the entire process according to requirements.

These clients range from start-ups, which require services throughout the supply process, to global brands who use the packing and distribution aspects of our service. Where necessary, aps has – and is happy to provide – in-plant services.


Due to the comprehensive experience gained over 35 years of contract packing, we can almost always give value adding knowledge to clients’ projects. Whether it’s process or specialist aspects, our capability and network of experts, with whom we have worked over many years provide a valuable resource to our customers.


We have long-standing relationships with a network of trusted suppliers, which enables the swift supply of materials to complete our clients’ projects.


We’re a leading contract packer in the UK. Our extensive expertise and capabilities in preparing products for the retail, wholesale and sampling markets has made us the company of choice in delivering the complex requirements of many blue chip organisations and well-known brands.


We provide domestic and international distribution through our adjacent connections to major road, sea and air routes. From small parcel UK delivery to full containers heading to the USA and all combinations in-between, aps has the experience and the trusted partners to deliver your reputation.